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Šanghaj, Shanghai Shi - Razišči lokacijo Food & Restaurant Polni delovni čas

Opis delovnega mesta


• Broad knowledge in creating a great customer experience especially in a high pressured environment.
• Broad understanding of IKEA local and global food safety and compliance legislation.
• Basic knowledge of local market requirements and consumer habits in an omnichannel environment.
• Basic knowledge of IKEA tools, systems and processes.
• Broad understanding of the IKEA brand including concept, core values and vision.
• Passion for food and people’s life at home.
• Passion for exceeding customer expectations.
• Motivated by living and sharing the IKEA values.
• Driven by leading self.
• Inspired by a dynamic change environment to continuously improve.
• Passion for working in a team.
• Inspired by the IKEA vision.


• Contribute to implementing global and national compliance standards to secure a safe environment for customers and co-workers.
• Contribute to a high performing business by being food experience ambassadors, creating excellent customer service in all IKEA Food areas and providing a warm and friendly environment for all customers.
• Secure high-quality standards of customer satisfaction by immediately acting on customer feedback and exceeding customer expectations.
• Secure the front of house operational instructions to maintain operational excellence to provide clean, tidy and welcoming IKEA Food areas.
• To be a brand ambassador for IKEA and IKEA Food.
• Contribute to the unit food business plan and other action plans.
• Contribute to implementing global and national sustainability strategies.


We deliver sustainable, extraordinary growth by creating a new, unique, inspiring and convenient meeting with the customers. We deliver a multi-channel experience that adds value to the many people and inspires a home furnishing movement.